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Welcome to eyelearn, the home of resources and supporting material for both the Applied Art for the Web and the Major Project modules.

The design course - let's design for inclusion and delight.

We'll be looking at classic design principles and how they apply to the web. We'll talk type, colour and layout. We'll create colour schemes and layout drafts, work on graphic assets and learn how to prepare them for the web. We'll literally 'talk design': learn how to make the case for your design, how to elaborate on your design rationale and respond to feedback and critique.

This module includes two assessed projects and some 'tiny tasks', optional small projects set to allow you practice learnt techniques on a practical outcome. Your work will be featured in our gallery and will become a record of your journey :)

The big one - bring your idea to life with help and support from our group.

The Major Project will be your masterpiece. It will be the result of your learning throughout the year, starting with an initial kernel of an idea and evolving into a clear vision.

We'll start by discussing your project ideas. You might have one, or several possible ideas. You might be sure of your concept, or feeling a little uncertain. Either way, presenting your ideas to our group will allows us all to chip with thoughts and ideas. This will allow you to narrow down a clear direction for your project.

Throughout the following months (up to April '22) we will have five themed crit sessions which will guide you through the planning stages of your MP. Following the Vitruvian principles, you'll work through the different aspects of your idea, aiming to refine your goals and to hone in on the best possible solution.

At the end of the teaching period (27/4/22), you'll present your prototype, ie a working demo of your project and your work planning for the coming months to prepare for the final presentation. You'll have the summer period to build your final product. There are no official sessions time-tabled ~ but we are around to support you via email or slack. Ideally, you'll get together amongst yourselves to collaborate and support each other. We can schedule some XTRATime sessions as well ~ more details will be confirmed closer to the time.

Your final presentation will be in October '22 ~ at the start of the new term. You'll present your MP to the new cohort of students and your tutors. After the presentation, you'll complete your project report and submit this final project.

Here's to a productive year of team work :)

Any questions? Suggestions? — you're most welcome to email me.

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