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Support sessions

wordpress with pen JAN 22nd 2021 WEEK 10
  1. recaps & trouble-shooting support
  2. drop-in sessions for feedback and help
  3. 1-2-1 tutorials
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date JAN 22nd 2021
time 9:30-11:30 + 12:00-14:00 BST

please note:
The support session is now past (links inactive) and has not been recorded.

submission reminder

Repeated from last week as final summary of your submission. In short, you will submit your project by submitting the 500-word document in Turnitin. This has to include your site map and a link to your website. Your website is to meet the 2,500 word count, i.e. it is the '2,500 word portfolio', and you do not need to copy&paste the content to submit it. You will be submitting the website via its link in the project document.

submission remidner

on content

Remember who your site is for and what its mission is — aim to write for your chosen target group and review your phrasing accordingly. This is likely quite a different challenge for you as your site should not read like an academic paper at all.

Make sure to review your phrasing overall. Phrasing of the main text of your site is vital to your mission and should speak to your target group. Post titles as well as menu links are another important aspect to consider. While your post titles might be longer than 2-3 words, it will be important to keep the menu links very short and succinct for easy skim reading and access.

on themes

Please do remember our advice during our sessions and choose your theme wisely. If you need a refresher on this, read Claire's posts on What To Avoid and Fancy Themes & Design Plugins.

Design for inclusion.
Design for delight.

This applies both to your content and your design. Keep in mind that content is king and easy access to your posts is paramount. This will lead you to have only 1-3 pages in total, and most of your content published as posts, neatly organised into fitting categories.

on legalities

Make sure to have the cookie consent in place, linked to the updated privacy policy page. This is a legal requirement for any website (though not strictly speaking yours due to the VPN) and is good professional practice in any case.

:-) DO...

  1. inject personality into your site.
    This website is unique to you, and your approach to the subject is your decision ~ do let that shine through in all aspects, from text and visuals to design.
  2. focus on your site's mission.
    This will be reflected in a strong and clear site title and tagline, as well as short and succinct menu link text, and, of course, a fitting tone of language for all content.
  3. use an informal and personable tone if fitting.
    Your site is meant to have a mission for a positive change for people and society. Depending on your objective and target group, this might be best expressed by using the first person narrative and speaking to site visitors directly. Don't be shy to write as yourself and share your own experiences. Just make sure to put everything into the context of your site's mission.

DO NOT... !

  1. Do not add all your posts as submenu items.
    Avoid submenus and keep your menu links to a few, well phrased, short and succinct.
  2. Do not use a theme which relies on plugins.
    if you install a theme and get messages asking you to install additional plugins, this is a red flag! Please do not use such a theme.
  3. Do not keep the login link visible.
    Check on the existing addition of your setup for sidebar and footer (admin panel > appearance > widgets). Make sure to remove any superfluous elements, such as the calendar or archive listing. Or indeed the login link which should not be accessible by the general public.
  4. Do not forget to include references and credits.
    For your final site, any externally sourced content (such as images) has to reference its source and credit the original creator, usually via link. This could be done via footnotes, or published as separate page.
  5. Do not touch the WordPress or site URL settings!!
    this will make your site inaccessible and will require additional help to fix!

To include:

  1. site title and tagline
    Clearly stated as main heading or mentioned in write-up.
  2. URL
    Link to your website's public view included.
  3. site map
    Write-up to include site plan of final content structure.
  4. project rationale
    Outlining your approach to the brief, your site's mission, target group, content strucure (i.e. site plan) and theme choice.

Final submission deadline

project submission
Monday, Jan 25th 2021 by 3pm BST

APPENDIX : optional/recommended:

addition of screenshots:
To safeguard against technical trouble during assessments as well as last minute disasters, I would recommend that you take screenshots of the most important pages and include those as appendix. This means if all fails and your site's offline for some reason, assessments and reviews can still be done.

PROJECT PROGRESS ✭ PROJECT: ready for submission :)