digital practices

Digital content production (2)

wordpress with pen NOV 27th 2020 WEEK 5
  1. image manipulation
  2. video series
  3. activities for practice
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screenshot of workshop page The second session is brought to you by the university's own Creative Media team. This week's topic is all about video production. Have a look at the Top Ten Tips for filming on a mobile and the video production tutorials.

independent learning

The Creative Media sessions are for synchronous and independent work. You will find the material in Blackboard, listed under Creative Media Resources. Please work through the videos and tasks in your own time and you are welcome to email the team with questions and queries, details can be found on their website.

Don't forget to check the practice and homework tasks for specific work you can do towards your final project.

NOTE: the video is a demo of the same filter in Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop. The pixelate filter is common to many image editing apps ~ you'll just need to look for it :)

using pixelate filter to extract colours from image

NOTE: this a super-quick fly-by demo with no audio; it is intended to be paused as needed (hit SPACE bar or use controls).

Please note: you do not have to use video in your final project. You can embed fitting videos via other platforms or create your own - up to you. If you are planning to produce your own, take some time to experiment and edit.

to-do list

  1. practice :)
    have some fun with editing your own video.
  2. get feedback
    show your video to your friends, classmates or tutors and get some feedback.

finalise your brief

Check on the Project Brief → information again and review your brief to make sure that your site's mission does meet the criteria, as outlined on the project brief page.

For the project of this module, you are tasked with creating a supportive website, focusing on assisting and helping people with a specific aspect of their lives. This project has a societal focus aiming for a positive outcome via change

Make sure that your site has a sociological angle and is not merely about a topic or hobby you like. If you are very keen to focus on something personal to you, consider how this could benefit others. It can be possible to put your preferred idea into a social context. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss.

to-do list

  1. follow-up if needed
    if your brief is not quite right yet, we'll discuss details and you can revise your plans accordingly
  2. to submit brief proposal or confirm brief choice
    email Prisca

*deadline 1, next week
confirmation of brief / submission of proposal WEEK 6 - DEC 4th 2020

PROJECT PROGRESS ✭ BRIEF: proposal submitted