SCS6079 Digital Practices MA Digital Media & Society

workshop 4 icon workshop 4: Advancing with web development

  1. Adaptive design
  2. Site testing
  3. WordPress content management & site maintenance

Adaptive design as part of branding and UX

wordcloud of branding and UX aspects
  • adaptive design = part of content strategy
  • branding and UX across all channels and media
  • consider all outputs, audiences and situations

Intro to RWD / philosophy of the one web & inherent responsiveness of the medium

Mobile first approach

illustration of mobile first approach
  • content out + mobile first
  • focus on content hierarchy then design
  • start from small viewports, expand to increasing widths
  • optimisation of webpages

Emerging patterns in UI for various devices

illustration of toggle and slide panel menus

Site testing

Testing criteria

  • user testing, early, often and ongoing
  • test IA for accessibility and UX
  • test for universal access to all content
  • fallbacks for Javascript failure
  • page loading time for varying connection speeds

Testing tools

desktop browsers

WordPress content management & site maintenance

Working with plugins for design and performance

  • don't rush! Try & test. Check license.
  • explore options, read reviews - ask questions
  • check for fallbacks: activate + test with JS disabled
  • check for customisation options for design integration

Own your data / your responsibility

  • publishing to the public domain
  • ownership and data protection
  • third party services and legal agreements
UK copyright

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Importance of backing up

illustration of content to be backed up
  • consider all published content and all connected setups
  • backup regularly & store safely
  • check backups & know your restore procedure
  • include third party services in your backup process

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