SCS6079 Digital Practices MA Digital Media & Society

workshop 3 icon week 3: Planning for structure and design

  1. IA & content planning
  2. design considerations
  3. sourcing themes

IA & content planning

Content out: planning for effective IA

illustration of content flow
  • site creation starts with thorough planning of all aspects, priority on content, followed by structure
  • IA informs UI design. note: IA ≠ UI
    [ IA: information architecture | UI: user interface ]
  • IA defines content structure, labeling and indexing
  • UI is derived from the site navigation (informed by IA)
  • content and users to guide all aspects of production
  • information architecture essential for usability/accessibility
  • recurring cycle of work: plan - review - test - iterate
illustration of content flow
illustration of content flow
  • plan an approach for content review
  • don't rely on your own preferences/interests/taste!
  • find connections in context
  • define a logical structure for content, then plan site/UI
  • focus on structure first, edit naming/phrasing to fit
  • continue to review - test - iterate

Site maps & wireframes

illustration of content flow

screenshot of gliffy UI

design considerations

Brand design

effect of branding

sourcing themes

points to consider
  • target group, their browsing habits and likes/dislikes
  • quantity and structure of content
  • site plan in hand with clear sections / sub-sections
  • media types: images / video / audio / supplementary downloads
questions to answer
  • what kind of design will present an effective website and appeal to your target group?
  • which content elements (if any) require bespoke presentation, e.g. photo with caption?
  • what kind of typesetting will work best?
  • which colour scheme is fitting context and audience?
Workshop activity

Let's create a mind map to narrow down our theme requirements and then check out some examples and their options.

effect of branding

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