SCS6079 Digital Practices MA Digital Media & Society

workshop 5 icon week 5: Inclusive design for UX

  1. accessibility and UX
  2. testing and user feedback
  3. effective enhancements

accessibility and UX


illustration of content flow
  • accessibility often associated with physically obvious impairments which does not cover the full spectrum
  • abilities or disabilities are more complex and nuanced, they can also be temporary as well as permanent
  • ensuring easy use of alternative devices/apps will benefit all site visitors equally
accessibility needs for physical disability accessibility needs for sensory disability accessibility needs for cognitive disability


User Experience (UX)

accessibility needs for cognitive disability
  • user experience builds on the foundation of accessible design, adding more depth
  • consideration of the complexities of people and their current situations
  • research and user testing to guide UX design
  • good UX will mean a pleasurable experience, meeting the needs of target group
  • recurring cycle of work for best results: test - review - iterate

testing and user feedback

Considering people and situations

Design for real life, eric meyer


variant validation

effective enhancements

plugin questions
  • which enhancements are suitable?
  • is it compatible with my version of WordPress?
  • how recent was the latest update?
recommended plugins
questionmarks filled with words

Don Norman: 3 Ways good design makes you happy

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