SCS6079 Digital Practices MA Digital Media & Society

wordpress + pen week 7: Bringing it all together

  1. planning & recap
  2. site maintenance
  3. backup

planning & recap

project planning

With your project in full swing - let's take stock and check on work progress.

ideal stage of project work
  • research completed
  • draft content written
  • information architecture in place
  • site plan completed
planner sample
project plan sample
content out
Using Google Sheets for project planning
content out
  1. Open Google Sheets
  2. top menu: File -> New -> From template
  3. Select template
  4. Edit and save to your Google Drive

NOTE: which tool you use for your planning is less important that the planning itself. Pen and paper, calendars or spreadsheets - whatever works best for you :)


  • split the project up into phases
  • be as specific or as general as you like - but make sure to divide the work logically
  • plan for writes and re-writes
  • schedule in time for optimisation and testing
  • check your progress against your plan to stay on track and meet your deadline!

REMINDER: content out approach

content out

Own your data / your responsibility

  • publishing to the public domain
  • ownership and data protection
  • third party services and legal agreements
UK copyright

quoted material visual Growing Up Digital © Children’s Commissioner 2017

REMINDER: inclusive design

inclusive design

REMINDER: optimise for speed

image edit process

REMINDER: WordPress - pages vs posts

site plan showing pages and posts
WP categories
WP tips
  • carefully plan your IA before naming your categories
  • consider your phrasing and tone/language
  • check on the slug and ensure clear wording
  • don’t fragment your content but look for clear organisation and labelling
  • make use of tags if beneficial to user journey
    (do not use without good reason!)

site maintenance

Working with plugins for design and performance

shielded WP
  • don't rush! Try & test. Check license.
  • explore options, read reviews - ask questions
  • check for fallbacks: activate + test with JS disabled
  • check on customisation options for your purposes

Importance of backing up

illustration of content to be backed up
  • consider all published content and all connected setups
  • backup regularly & store safely
  • check backups & know your restore procedure
  • include third party services in your backup process

Photo editing

image sources

NOTE: the background image here serves as demo of how details of photos can interfere with the reading of content. Be careful when working with text on top of images.

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