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workshop 5 iconweek 6: Inclusive design for UX

  1. accessibility and UX
  2. testing and user feedback
  3. effective enhancements


Hi everyone :)

Hope you're ready for an interesting session :)
As we have not tested this before, I am suggesting a rough plan on how we might make the most of our workshops. Let's try and see how our communications might evolve.

trial #1 — jitsi

Jitsi is an open source meeting app — which might be perfect for us all to get together as group video chat. I will be posting the link here when I've opened up the chatroom.


trial #2 — skype

As many of you know or use Skype already, we could try doing a skype conference call between us. In case the first trial option fails, I'll be posting details for our skype call here.

!!! refresh ~ reload ~ repeat :-)

Jitsi seems to be happiest when used with Chrome - as many of you will be happy to know ;)

For today's time, please do refresh this very page intermittently - I will add the link to the chat room here, and then update this if need be.

continuing the conversations

WordPress rocks \m/ →

I am repurposing the demo site to become our communication tool outside of class. It will become the place to collect our questions and answers, share links and more. We can use the comments to discuss details, you can ask questions and Claire and I will be there to get back to you :)

ask your questions: Q&A →

Bear in mind this can be accessed only via the VPN! — Please do use this site for more info on WordPress specifics and to ask your questions at any time. If you prefer, you can email me too.

about the lecture

Seems my usual slide-sharing site (speakerdeck) is having some issues with processing my files at the moment, which means this week's slides are a PDF download instead.

Please have a look at the slides and relating material in your own time. I will be doing a recap of this during next week's workshop, and in the meantime, please feel free to email me if you have questions ~ or ask via the Q&A →.

↓ download PDF of slides

post-workshop update

Hello everyone
— I was very glad to see so many of you were able to join in. Though sad I did not get to see all your faces...

Jitsi seems to struggle with showing that many faces — and some of you are just to shy it seems. But otherwise it appeared to be working quite well for us. Definitely one way for us to get together online.

project work progress
What became clear that many of you have not had a chance to log into your sites over the last weeks and I am hoping that you will soon be ready to work in WordPress, time will fly despite all the upheaval. And we do have some technical issues to solve now.

Many of you reported, or had emailed me, about trouble with access to the VPN and that trying again today, there are major issues for some but not all of you in terms of connection.

I'll keep you posted — will update this page again after today's sessions and will be in touch early next week with more.

week 6 to-dos

to-do list (prisca)
  • follow up with IT about slow connection or no connection to VPN
  • produce video tutorial for Updraft plugin
  • video walk-through for plugins
  • video walk-through for themes / advice on selection
to-do list (you :))
  • work on content, offline if need be for now
  • add content to your WP site if you can, work on structure via categories and posts
  • if possible: install, activate and set up Updraft plugin for backups (screencast tutorial coming soon)
  • make note of questions and email me!

I will be in touch ;)

accessibility and UX


illustration of content flow
  • accessibility often associated with physically obvious impairments which does not cover the full spectrum
  • abilities or disabilities are more complex and nuanced, they can also be temporary as well as permanent
  • ensuring easy use of alternative devices/apps will benefit all site visitors equally
accessibility needs for physical disability accessibility needs for sensory disability accessibility needs for cognitive disability


User Experience (UX)

accessibility needs for cognitive disability
  • user experience builds on the foundation of accessible design, adding more depth
  • consideration of the complexities of people and their current situations
  • research and user testing to guide UX design
  • good UX will mean a pleasurable experience, meeting the needs of target group
  • recurring cycle of work for best results: test - review - iterate

testing and user feedback

Considering people and situations

Design for real life, eric meyer


variant validation

effective enhancements

plugin questions
  • which enhancements are suitable?
  • is it compatible with my version of WordPress?
  • how recent was the latest update?
recommended plugins
questionmarks filled with words

Don Norman: 3 Ways good design makes you happy

Photo editing

image sources

NOTE: the background image here serves as demo of how details of photos can interfere with the reading of content. Be careful when working with text on top of images.

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