brand design

opening slide: colour spectrum

What exactly is a brand? ~ a look at early branding and recent examples of successful design.

opening slide: branding & design, aerial view of earth at night, showing light of cities
text: what exactly is a brand?
common misconceptions: logo, visual ID, message, tagline, motto
smailes in monochrome: photo of smiling baby face
text: what exactly is a brand - so much more than a logo or visual appearance: connection, feeling, emotion, experience, uniqueness, exclusivity, loyalty
notes on early meaning of branding as sign of ownership, featuring old photo of the purple Milka co
coca cola logo
cvery first coca cola logo from 1886
early adverts featuring coloured illustrations
coke ad as murial
1920s adverts focusing on life style illustrations, a lady in long dress, a suited man's hand holding coke glass against a city backdrop
notes on evolution of brand during war times
war time ads with focus on the feeling of home
1941 advert for christmas, showing a smiling Santa Claus in the coke red fur-bordred coat
war time ad showing girl wearing military hat, smilingly holding tray with 2 open bottles of coke
vintage ad showing stewardess offering 3 glasss of coke
1951 Egyptian coke ad, blackk/white illustrations of people enjoying coke
1960 ads
expansion of label colour treatment and exploration of new angles, ie showing coke bottle next to bottle of bacardi
advert with hyper-realistic photography showing liquid explosiong around a bottle
2008 coke factory ad, 3d animation
homepage of site dedicated to celebrating coca cola
notes on role of design in branding, image of heart-shaped milk tray chocolate box by cadbury
screenshot: innocent drinks, homepage
screenshot: innocent drinks, about page
screenshot: innocent drinks,  press page
screenshot: innocent drinks, kids page
repeat of keywords: connection, feeling, emotion, experience, uniqueness, exclusivity, loyalty
notes on style guides and those for the web
screenshot: I <3 NY, 2 logo versions
screenshot: I <3 NY, mission and value statements
screenshot: I <3 NY, target chart
screenshot: I <3 NY, logo guidelines
screenshot: I <3 NY, tone of voice + tyepfaces
screenshot: I <3 NY, typeface sample
screenshot: I <3 NY, print guide
screenshot: NHS, homepage
screenshot: NHS, NHS Brand Guidelines
screenshot: NHS, NHS Brand Guidelines
screenshot: BBC GEL (global experience language)
screenshot: style tiles homepage
screenshot: Guidelines by Paul Robert Lloyd
image credits
closing slide

please note: the video is merely the recorded version of the visual part of presentation, no audio included.

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