1. Websites... how do they work anyway? browsing habits, technical basics of putting a site online
  2. SIX THINKING HATS content planning Using the lateral thinking method by Dr Edward de Bono to refine your website’s content and IA (information architecture)
  1. design principles I balance, gradation & contrast and repetition & rhythm
  2. design principles II dominance, unity & continuation and proportion
  3. colour meanings / combinations / examples
  4. composition in webdesign emphasis & focus, a/symmetry, leading lines and the rule of thirds
  5. intro to information design examples of changing graphic styles in information design
  6. interface design gestalt principles: proximity, similarity, Prägnanz, symmetry and closure
  7. brand design considering aspects of successful brand design
  1. colour scheme design finding effective colour combinations: 3 methods for colour scheme design
  2. icon design The evolution of the icon: from early pictograms to today's digital icon design
  3. CSS background images preparing images for web and working with multiple background images in CSS
  4. brand design across media growing your brand and a look at the Old Spice brand evolution
  5. design for UX & accessibility How can we design for inclusion and delight?