intro to information design

opening slide: information design

A look at early examples and evolving graphic styles for the design of maps, icons and data visualisation.

opening slide: information design
text: information design != information architecture
Spot map of cholera outbreak - by John Snow, published 1850s
 Chart of Napoleon’s 1812 Russian campaign - by Charles Minard, published 1869
Edward R. Tufte (photo with book): The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
text: from early interface icons
photoshop v1, susan kare icon design
photoshop v1, susan kare icon design, grid of icons
text:  to complex real time data visualisations
climate action data vis using trees as representations of data
text: and interactive presentations
photo of sim card box with custom holes, tabs and info
notes on effectiveness of desaturated colour scheme for clarity
infographic: Transparency: The Most Committed Crimes in the Country - black/white photo of group with circular icons to cover faces
infographic by The Virtual Water Project to show water consumption
notes on visual references with poster: 'keep britain tidy' by T Eckersby, 1963
circular/swirving data vis graphics by SEED magazine
infographic: ‘no more fish in the sea’, via Transparency: Where Are All the Fish?
infographic 1: ‘Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey’, by
infographic 2: ‘Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey’, by
infographic 3: ‘Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey’, by
infographic 4: ‘Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey’, by
notes on accessibility through information design
graphic of 2 heads with circle of types of deserts scattered around
example of UI approaches for desert recipe finder
homepage huffduffer with suer simple form
form: christian sparrow
closing slide

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