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About the Project

What is Type Lab?

Type Lab’s development began as an earnest response to the quickly changing field of web typography and a lack of resources dedicated to its breadth of topics. Type Lab was designed, developed and authored by me, a lone typography enthusiast and MA student at the University of Greenwich. The concept for Type Lab grew from a desire to share what I’ve learned about typography on the web and to provide a resource to those wanting to use it effectively.

This site covers a breadth of typographic topics from its visual use to technical how-tos. Type Lab attempts to improve typographic understanding by illustrating key terms, defining expressions, and advising on best practices. The site was created for anyone working with type on screen, trying to understand visual principles, or striving to understand web typography’s usages and limitations.

Sources for this Project

As I am a typography non-expert, I owe much of my understanding to a lot of brilliant people and a lot of phenomenal sources. This site couldn’t have become a reality without the books and web resources I was able to study and learn from during my process. You can find a full list of my sources here in my bibliography.

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