✒ The Fountain Pen

Waterman Fairy, 1919
A fountain pen is a nib pen that, unlike its predecessor the dip pen, contains an internal reservoir of water-based liquid ink. From the reservoir, the ink is drawn through a feed to the nib and then to the paper via a combination of gravity and capillary action. As a result, the typical fountain pen requires little or no pressure to write.
Filling the reservoir with ink may be done manually (via the use of an eyedropper or syringe), or via an internal “filler” mechanism which creates suction to transfer ink directly through the nib into the reservoir. Some pens employ removable reservoirs, in the form of pre-filled ink cartridges. ⁓ from Wikipedia, april 2011 ⁓

Die Gartenlaube

Illustrations of fountain pen nibs from an article in the “Die Gartenlaube”, a forerunner of modern magazines, published weekly in 1875-76.

  1. Alfred Feder Alfred Feder
  2. Beamten Feder Beamten Feder
  3. Correspondez Feder Correspondez Feder
  4. Humbolt Feder Humbolt Feder
  5. Käufel Feder Käufel Feder