As a parent, if you are worried about your child’s overweight health problems and are looking for advice, then Active Health may be your wonderful choice. We care about children’s health, we do what is needed, and we are pleased to build more family fun.

What we do

Active Health is committed to closely paying attention to childhood obesity health issues (children aged 4-11) in the UK, and providing practical and actionable advice for worried parents.


We want more healthy children, and we strive to keep more children away from obesity.


We are here to share with you our passion for children’s healthy lifestyle and parent-child physical activities.

We can take action at early stage of childhood to prevent obesity and avoid higher risks in adulthood.


We are not afraid of this rising public health challenge – childhood obesity, and we believe there is a complete way to solve it.


Our mission is to be parents’ reliable source of knowledge and inspiration by providing parents with information about how to fight against childhood obesity in a proper and fun way.


How can we help

Understanding problem

As a parent, maybe you are still not familiar with childhood obesity. We help you understand this issue and offer tips on how to fight it. It's time to combat it!

Fun Activity Ideas

Why are your child unwilling to get active? Are exercises tired and boring? Of course not. We know how to make activities more fun. Your children will experience the joy of exercise instead of suffering.

Solve your confusion​

How I know whether my child is obese? And what can I do? Don't worry. We know how to solve that and offer detailed suggestions and advice for you.

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