You can make changes today that last a lifetime‚Äč

In the modern age it can feel like parenting is getting more complicated. Technology didn’t exist when we were children. Problems with fast food, diets and being overweight, are in the media everyday. It isn’t surprising it can feel overwhelming to think about how to get your children away from screens…

We’re glad you found us! Through a huge selection of ideas and advice, Active Together wants to support you to lead your family to a better lifestyle. You want a happy, fun and active life for your family. Your children want to spend quality time with you. So let’s find the right inspiration today that can get you moving, bring you closer and make some memories.

Why are you here?

Parents tell us that:

  • they feel frustrated that they don’t spend enough quality time with their children
  • they are worried that their children are developing unhealthy habits
  • screen time is taking over the home
  • it’s overwhelming to think about new ideas

We’ve heard it all and you are not alone. 

How can Active Together help?

Modern day lives are busy! But we are here to convince you that getting active doesn’t have to be expensive or take too much time.

Our activity ideas can be the highlight of your family’s week! They are there to inspire you: bookmark your favourites and share ideas with your family.

We want you to get active together. This means exploring, learning and bonding… and getting active.

" I thought it would be difficult to find time or cost lots of money. But in the end, the kids were just happy that we were spending more time together.
They didn't even notice that they were getting more active! "
28, mum of two children