Hopefully this blog will give you Inspirations about where to have a break after exhaustion.

There are two things that I think you should not miss in the UK:

Music and Mother Nature.

These two things are what I think everyone won’t reject, because they are healing in itself.

Being a student, I am sometimes really nerdy, you know. But for other time, going out will be my first choice.

Right, just going out. You know, Sunny days are really precious in the UK, so when it is sunny, I won’t hesitate going out anyway!

But to be personal, beautiful natural scenes give you power especially when we are alone. Besides I guess a break is what you exactly need after hard work.

Fountains Abby

Fountains, Ripon, HG3 3DY

Whitby Beach

1 Pier Road, North Yorkshire, Whitby YO21 3PT

Wollaton Hall, Gardens and Deer Park

Wollaton Road, Nottingham, NG8 2AE

The Ponderosa

Crookes Valley Road, Sheffield

Bamford Edge

Ashopton Road, Hope Vally, S33 0AD

St Jame’s Park

London, SW1A 2BJ

If you have places to recommend, please don’t hesitate to tell me!