When you feel like in a bad mood, you might want to have some good music. Music is powerful and has healing function.

You can see young people wearing earphones walking in the street everywhere, showing no care to surroundings. We love music, and music is essential for a lonely soul. I can say it is music that companies us for most lonely time.

Go experience local live concerts!

I’m not kind of international student you are thinking of who don’t like going out but listening music quietly at home. I love hanging out and asking people where to go. When I first came here in Sheffield, few people did I know. I didn’t speak English locally either. But I went to live concert.

Attending live concerts is the quickest way to incorporate myself into the atmosphere that surrounds me. Even though I don’t fully understand the lyrics the band sing, I still can touch the emotions. I and other audience are passionate for the beats, rhythms at the same time. We sway, sing out loud together. The vibe absorbs me.

a live house with an orchestra band on the stage and teeming with exciting audience
photo taken in O2 Academy Sheffield

This is the main reason I love live concerts in the UK. Music connects people of different cultures. I don’t feel I’m an alien any more.

an orchestra band on the stage in red lights
photo taken at Don Valley Grass Bowl 

Another reason I recommend you go experience live concerts here is that it is a very local culture that helps you understand this country more.

It is fair to say Britain has a very fabulous night life. Music culture plays a very key role in it. I Propose Britain is the best country all over the world for music fanciers. I have been to Berlin. Well, techno is fab in Berlin but other genres are just common. But to be honest all kinds of music in Britain is great! No matter which city you are in, you are able to have first-class music scene.

No worries If you haven’t had such experience

Maybe you don’t like beers, noise or music.

No problem. Because I don’t like orgy either. I still want to say that you are living in this place and you could at least go and see before leaving an objective comment.