I know everyone has these moments: eating alone, sleeping, going to the class. Repeat, day after day.

the surreal picture shows  a depressed woman whose body is immersed in the wave while only her face emerge from the surface of water.

To be honest, I felt overwhelming loneliness is like fierce floods more than ever when I just came, while I found myself spinning in the eddy. 

Different language and culture are a problem. It is like when you tried to talk to a local but are not able to catch his or her speaking rate, it is miserable.

It is not very easy to say like ’could you please say that again?’ even if people are kind and warmhearted. So usually I just end up with a smile to pretend I understand.

Each superhero was alone.

However, for most of time, we need to spend alone. Even those coolest girls and guys do so. Fortunately, loneliness will never last long. What I choose to think is to take it as a chance and digest it.

a lonely batman sit beside the strong batman. It shows how a superhero has a conversation with himself.

Yes, I use the word ‘choose’. That is my attitude towards life: life is all about choosing. Facing loneliness, fear or dismay, there is always someone choosing to escape, but some people are brave to meet, conquer and win.

Like all of you, those who have chosen to study abroad are fantastic since you have faith in life changing! And I feel so honoured to share my own oversea experience with you brave guys.

And again I want to say being alone is not a bad idea.

You know, I feel very cool to tell you guys ‘I enjoy being alone’ right now, because I have gained more than moods from loneliness.

  • I get a better communicative ability
  • I have richer local cultural experiences
  • I am more confident, free and possible
  • I overcome homesickness and feel loving homeland more

Move towards your fear and you will finally discover how impressive you have done in the end. And this is what I do.