What is the advantages of Edutainment?

More and more Edutainment tools has appeared in market, however, are they really helpful for children’s learning experience and growth, or just flashy on the outside and meaningless on the inside? What should we consider first before using a Edutainment APP?

1. Can learning activities allow children to think independently?

When children think independently, active learning takes place, which means that educational APP stimulates children to take the initiative to learn. Compared to other forms of media such as television or books, ipad/iphone provides an opportunity for children to interact with the screen, encouraging them to participate more actively. However, if the content of one app is too gamified, too simple, then it is not suitable for “Edutainment”.

2. The process of learning must connected to reality

Parents can help children learn better if they can help children to connect with the real things in life. For example, a pizza is a triangle, a cake is a circle, two apples plus three apples equal five apples, it is more meaningful than simply learning on the screen about which pattern is more circular. APP can only teach numbers and letters, but let the children know that knowledge can be applied to real life.

3. It is more efficient to learn during social interactions

ipad or iphone has a common feature that they are easy to use for children, and different studies have shown that social interaction is good for learning. The APP should support rather than replace this interaction. As a result, more app developers are beginning to add off-screen or more delicate experiences, let kids play together, or with their parents. Under the guidance of adults, educational apps can better develop their potential in learning.

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