Game + Education = Knowledge online games?

Before talking about relationship about games and education, let’s watch this insightful speech given by Sara DeWitt first.

3 fears about screen time for kids — and why they’re not true | Sara DeWitt

Now, some questions…

Does game and education really go against each other in nature?

“Stop playing that useless game!” This may be a sentence that most people have heard during their teenage years. It is undeniable that in the vast majority of public opinion, games are regarded as poisons. It seems that as long as the scores fall, whether the real reason is the game or not, it will always be considered a result of playing too much computer games. “Good students do not play games” has become a consensus of many parents.
Although sometimes the game does affect the attention of students, it is not true to say that it is nothing but harm to education. Public opinion just kept talking about what the game affects. However, is game truly “harmful” in nature? There are many things that can also affect students’ performance. Movies, TV series, comics, romance novels, and pop music make no differences with games. If one day everything is banned simply because it affects students’ studies, then students’ lives will be no fun. Even in such an environment, can students’ grades improve? No one can guarantee that.

Are the game and education two different cars on two separate runways?

On one hand, although there are many kinds of education apps, most of them are simple in expression. The so-called educational software has become testing software, which is not so attractive for students. On the other hand, in recent years, the development of online games has been changing with each passing day. With the continuous improvement of new technology, the quality of online games has become better and better. The huge contrast between the two makes the online games more attractive to students than the education software. If people can find a balance between games and education, making education apps more “entertaining” could be a good way. However, there are many obstacles to taking this huge step. It is extremely difficult to add intellectual components to the current online game mode. Even if it is successfully made, it is hard to say whether the players will approves it. However, vehicles on the two runways may also converge at an intersection.

Is it possible for online games to be educational and entertaining at the same time: will there be a new type of “knowledge online game”?

Online games are a novel way of entertainment, and their virtuality and interactivity are unmatched by other forms of entertainment. Today, as students become more and more stressed and intergenerational conflicts become more intense, teenagers need to find a way to ease their emotions. The virtual space created by online games just meets this demand. On the Internet, you can also experience things like success and honor that you can’t experience easily in real life. At the same time, online games avoid the psychological barriers of some teenagers, and even awkward people can make friends freely online. If there is an entertaining online game, it is a boon for student players.

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