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Nothing is safe unless you are careful enough! Here are some tips for both parents and children about online security.

For parents:
1. Always remember to check out the apps kids want to use and see if they have chat tools.
2. Teach children how to set security and privacy settings.
3. Teach children how to report abusive behavior.

For children:
1. Never reveal personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, school names, photos and passwords.
2. If you see something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, be sure to tell your parents, teachers or guardians.
3. Be polite and respectful to other netizens. Never send words that you wouldn’t say when you face other people in person.
4. Definitely do not meet with netizens alone. Be sure to stay with parents or other trusted adults.
5. When you are chatting online, please use a alias that does not reveal any personal information.

Of course! There are so many games that are both educational and entertaining at the same time. If you googled “educational games” or “edutainment” there will be a long list of games, and here are some websites that gives out well-recommended games that suitable for children.

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It is important for parents to watch over their children when they are playing with electronic devices. First, interactions with people could help them study through actual practice and make them understand better, parents can also explain difficult concepts during your studying process in time. Secondly, children could misuse the internet and browse inappropriate content accidentally, so it is important for parents to keep an eye on their children.