Have you already noticed?

There is a question for you:

Have you ever watched digital content from any digital media platforms that you want to play for your child, with or in advance of your child?

A little boy is watching table in bed before falling asleep.

This may be a very common phenomenon, when parents are busy with work, they often search a children’s video playlist at random on the digital device and hand it over to their children to watch alone.

But have you ever imagined that someone would upload harmful content after disguised? These harmful content are often wrapped in the most popular animated content of the moment among children, or mysterious elements that can arouse a child’s intense curiosity, but they output violent, bloody or pornographic values, and even induce children to imitate them, so that irreparable consequences occur frequently.

Young children, who haven’t established a clear sense of what is right or wrong, are curious and energetic to explore, often subconsciously imitate what they see and hear.

When they watch the highly disruptive content in cyberspace, they may be confused and disturbed, as well as a fear arises, or maybe they can’t help trying, so much so that they hurt themselves or anyone around them. Whatever possible consequences can have a huge impact on the child itself.

You may not have an in-depth understanding of this situation, or even feel alarmist, but you can take a look at some of the most typical examples of child-targeted online harmful content through this site to learn more about the phenomenon. All of them have done indelible harm to many families in the past few years.

Hope that you can improve your awareness of the protection of your child in terms of harmful content on the Internet, and don’t ignore the most important part of your life while choosing the best for your child in other ways.

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