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Before the first semester, there is usually an introduction week (orientation week) for you to finish registration (get your Ucard, add your optional modules, get a general understanding of the university and your programme). Grasp this fantastic opportunity to gather information, plan your study and settle in at a new city.

In the introduction week, I learned that Sheffield is famous for its NUMBER ONE Students’ Union in the UK and more than 370 societies and committees to choose from 1. You can find almost everything you are interested in!

Welcome meeting of Photography Society.

I joined the photography society of the university once settled down since I have a substantial interest in taking pictures. At first, I was just intended to borrow lenses, tripod, GoPro and other photographic equipment, but I got much more beyond my imagination. Because of joining the photography society, I have made many friends with similar interest from all over the world. We meet once a week to learn filming technique and practice a lot together. Besides, you could travel around with these friends in your city, and even further.

The camera is a perfect helper to record current feelings, beautiful sceneries and crucial moment. Photography society organizes multiple events for members

  • weekly meetings with different themes
  • annual breakfast,
  • photo-walk
  • annual exhibition
  • photo social
  • photo competition
  • excursion
  • Christmas meal

You have complete autonomy to choose the evens you want to attend! Photography society is like a big family with so many cute and caring members. Through chitchat, you could gradually learn to be inclusive towards difference and confident in yourself. After joining the photography society, I also make some local friends. Compared to international students like me, they are more familiar with local culture and living habit. They could help you adapt to new life faster and better.

Thanks to photography society, I was so lucky to meet several important friends in my life, who come from around the world, like Germany, Thailand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Although growing up in a totally different environment, we feel comfortable sharing our own stories and are ready for help when someone is in trouble.

Two boys holding the photographic  props.
Shooting light with society members

I sincerely suggest you find one or more societies you are really into since it is not only a great opportunity to make new friends in an unfamiliar place, but also could release your sense of loneliness and alienation. Making acquaintance with international friends provides a great chance for you to learn from different cultures, customs and language, releasing your pressure of being a foreigner at the same time.


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