About this site

Hi, my dearest friends! This is Mia! I am an international student at the University of Sheffield, doing a master’s degree in Digital Media and Society at present. This website is designed for international students like me whose first language is not English and goes abroad alone for the first time.

There are so many difficulties I have encountered since I arrived in Sheffield. Jet lag, culture shock, unpredictable weather… All of these are not easy for me, especially when I knew nobody in this city before.

Me in the Students’ Union

I know how difficult it is to adapt to an entirely new environment, but I want to say that life of international students could be much more wonderful and enriched if you overcome the obstacle of considering yourself as an outsider. My intention of creating this website is to tell my own stories as an international student at the University of Sheffield.

All the pictures and videos on this website are created by myself during the course of studying at the University of Sheffield. My videos were uploaded to Youtube and all the links are listed here:

I sincerely hope that you can find something useful from my experience on this website. Studying abroad is like an adventurous journey in our lifetime, only those brave and independent could see the most beautiful sceneries along the way. Embrace your life in a new country and become a brave explorer. Good luck, my friends!