A girl in the Peak District

Say no to ‘loneliness’

It happens a lot for an international student to feel isolated when studying abroad but feeling blue for a long time is not good. You need to help yourself out. As a camera bug, my[…]

Arts Tower in the dusk

Adapt to different teaching methods

Studying in a foreign language can be a quite tough thing. Aside from the language barrier itself, totally different teaching methods and learning habits could also be considered as obstacles. Taking my major as an[…]

Students in the Western Bank Library

Improve your learning skills

One thing that most of the international students whose mother tongue is not English worry about is their language skills. I am exactly the same! Although I have studied English for twenty years (I can’t[…]

A model in a 19oh7 T-shirt and jeans

19oh7 brand shooting

Photography society offers members with plenty of paid job opportunities relative to photography and videography such as shooting personal weddings, birthday parties, balls and gigs. Information is uploaded on the facebook group of the photography[…]