Grilled seafood in Cosmo

Daily routine

As an international student, you might be far away from homeland when you are studying abroad. The first and the most important thing is to take good care of yourself. There are several things you[…]

Two boys holding the photographic props.

Join the society

Before the first semester, there is usually an introduction week (orientation week) for you to finish registration (get your Ucard, add your optional modules, get a general understanding of the university and your programme). Grasp[…]

Recreation facility in the city centre


Musicals Most of the British natives are hardcore fans of drama and musicals. They like to bring their families to the theatre when they are off work. I went to see the most famous musical[…]

London Chinatown

Travel around

In the last seven months, my friends in the Photography Society and I have been to many amazing places together with our cameras. We went to Peak Districts, York, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and London, taking[…]