Daily routine

As an international student, you might be far away from homeland when you are studying abroad. The first and the most important thing is to take good care of yourself. There are several things you need to pay attention to:

  • Remember to register the GP when you arrive. Your university will send you an email about it normally.
  • Keep important papers and certificates in a safe place, for example, your ID card (BRP in the UK) and passport.
  • Remember to register in the assigned police station.
  • Apply for a bank account and learn to look after your financial conditions properly.
  • Remember your phone number as well as emergency phone numbers, just in case.


Full English breakfast, fish and chips, Yorkshire puddings are among the most popular traditional English food that you definitely can’t miss.

But not all of the newer comers can adapt to totally different recipe immediately. No need to worry since the UK is a diversified country and you can find cuisines from around the world. You could choose anything you like, African rice, Indian curry, Chinese Hotpot, Italian pizza…

Cook at home

It is also convenient for you to cook yourself, since Tesco, Sainsbury and other brands are everywhere, you won’t have difficulties finding the ingredient you want. I highly recommend buying ingredient in the local market like the Moor Market in Sheffield and Kirkgate Market in Leeds, where vegetable, fruit, meat, nuts, dessert and eggs are all ready for you to pick. Local markets are also good places for you to experience how local residents live their lives directly. Cooking yourself is much cheaper than eating outside if you want to save some money.

You will celebrate some of the most important festivals in the country you are studying. During these special moments, you may feel nostalgic and miss your family members. For me, the Spring Festival is the most important festivals in China and it usually means the reunion of the family members and the beginning of a new year. However, we were just to start our spring semester around the Spring Festival. I invited many friends to my flat, cooked traditional Chinese cuisines and decorated the flat with red couplets and new year scrolls. Instead of feeling homesick, I was extremely happy to bring spring festivals to Sheffield and celebrate with all my international friends.

Some of my friends are really into Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine, which is also a good thing for me since this kind of cultural communication offered me a chance to jump out of the stereotype and let me view traditional culture in a new angle. Sometimes they know Chinese myth and literature better than me!


The weather in the UK is famous for being unpredictable. No matter you come to the UK in autumn or in spring, remember to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you. It is not that cold in winter but you still need warm jackets and mufflers.

Don’t worry that you can’t buy suitable closes in the UK. You could find almost everything you want with different styles from various local high street brands like AllSaints, Jack Wills, Next, Primark at reasonable prices.

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