Musicals, museums, gigs, exhibitions, sports events, concerts… There are so many meaningful ways to entertain as an international student!
It is also a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, which could help enhance your sense of belonging to some extent.


Most of the British natives are hardcore fans of drama and musicals. They like to bring their families to the theatre when they are off work. I went to see the most famous musical Cat in Sheffield Theatre, which really amazed me for its perfect plot, classic melody and high-quality production. Because of this enlightenment, I have gradually developed a new interest in watching musicals made by many other countries like Mozart L’ Opera, Elisabeth and Miss Saigon. By watching these musicals, I have gained a better understanding of western culture, which also made my life abroad more meaningful. Try something new, maybe you will like it! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)


There are many interesting events worth a try. Pay attention to your city’s Facebook page and other media platforms. Colour run, Marathon, Christmas Light Switch-on, World Food Festival… Manage your time and have fun!

Taken by me at Bonfire Night in Sheffield

Last year, my friends and I went to Bonfire Night in Sheffield. Gorgeous firework blooming in the sky, Crazy recreation facilities, countless delicious food and energetic university boys and girl. If you are fanatical about carnivals, You definitely can’t miss that!


The music in the UK has a long history with a profound influence on the whole world. In medieval times, British composers made a tremendous contribution to the continental music movements. Furthermore, the UK is the origin of some of the trendy music genres like punk rock, folk punk, acid jazz, heavy metal.

Pink Floyd, Blur, Oasis and Radiohead are my favourite British brands and coming to the UK to study provides me with a chance to listen to different British genre. If you are a big fan of British music like me, you are lucky to listen to many live music concerts in this country!

In addition to British music, our university provides us with opportunities for different kinds of concert every week. I watched a concert played by a famous Chinese folk music troupe in the first semester. The familiar rhythm released my nostalgia to a large extent.

Shot by me in 2018

Going to pubs

A pub in Sheffield

According to local friends, it is traditional in British life to go to pubs. Pubs are everywhere in Sheffield and are always crowded with different kinds of people, like students, families, friends as well as work colleagues. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere, watch a football game or a gig and drink an old-fashioned beer, and you will feel much better by being one part of the happiness.

Girls dancing in the Pub (shot by me)

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