Say no to ‘loneliness’

It happens a lot for an international student to feel isolated when studying abroad but feeling blue for a long time is not good. You need to help yourself out. As a camera bug, my greatest pleasure after class is travelling around with my friends and taking pictures. Because of Photography society, I met many international friends with similar interest and we went to countless scenery spots together. When you feel lonely, walk out of your flat and feel nature, cities, people and culture with your heart. Make the most of being in the midst of a different culture.


These pictures were taken and edited by me when wandering in the Sheffield city. Weston Park, the tramline, the office buildings, Arts Tower… Everything has its aesthetic value if you could slow down and feel it.


This gallery presents a vivid sense of colour in Sheffield. Seasons in the UK are clear and fascinating in different ways. If you feel lonely, just step into nature like me, you will find that spring is embracing you now! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

This short video was shot by me on the way to Peak District
with members in the Photography Society

We went hiking in the Peak District several times for landscape photography. Peak district has totally different sceneries in different seasons. Whenever you go there, it welcomes you with the broadest vision and most changeable scenes. Every time I go there, I feel peaceful and grateful for being able to see such a great nature. If you are trapped in the trivial staffs in your daily life, try to go outside and have a look. Cherish every moment here!

Sunrise in the Peak District, taken by me


If you feel isolated, be brave to start a conversation with someone near you, it may be your flatmate, your classmate, or even friendly passengers next to an ice-cream van. Celebrate your friend’s birthday, playing the birthday song, or simply go to the supermarket together to buy some fruit. It is not that difficult to talk with someone else. I believe they would like to be a listener for you. Trust me!

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