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One thing that most of the international students whose mother tongue is not English worry about is their language skills. I am exactly the same! Although I have studied English for twenty years (I can’t even believe it!), I am still like a fool when discussing with my classmates! However, if you are afraid of speaking, you will stumble upon it forever.

A lecture about international students

In the orientation week, we have been informed that Enligh Language support sessions are set to help international students improve our English skills and these sessions are compulsory. During these sessions, we practice oral English a lot, learn to read academic English materials in a short time and learn academic writing together. English Language Teaching Centre is a good resource for international students to find the courses needed most based on our own situation 1.

Sheffield Univeristy library: The Diamond´╗┐, at night
Sheffield Univeristy library: The Diamond

Besides ELTC, there are many other resources for you at the university. Make good use of libraries and all kinds of academic skill institutions. For example, at the University of Sheffield, we have 301 Academic Skills Center, where you are free to register for online and offline courses to facilitate your learning skills 2.


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