Travel around

Step out your comfort zone, my friends. The world is magnificent with brilliant colour and ever-changing landscape.
Seize your time as an international student and learn more through travel. Some knowledge hides on the way.

In the last seven months, my friends in the Photography Society and I have been to many amazing places together with our cameras.

We went to Peak Districts, York, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and London, taking large amounts of landscape pictures. we also travelled to several countries in Europe, for instance, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands as well as Belgium, where we celebrated the Christmas, visited museums and churches, sampled the local cuisine and chatted with local residents. During the journey, we not only gained a deeper understanding of western civilization but also practised our shooting skills throughout the journey.

I was quite surprised that Chinatown in London is such large-scaled and hustle and bustle with dazzling decorations and a great variety of commodities, especially during the Festivals. I felt like going back home there! It is amazing that diversified culture blends in each other in such a harmonious way.

Cologne Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre, Eiffel Tower… I can’t help marvel at human greatness and romance. Walking at midnight in Paris, I felt like stray into Woody Allen’s kaleidoscopic world. Standing on the canal bridge in Amsterdam, you will be surrounded by freedom and peace.

Landscape along Rhine (shot by me)

Travel not only means staying in another city or town for several days but also throwing yourself to a totally unknown environment, where you can slow down and learn to reflect on your life without disturbed by other staffs. If you feel stressful or blue, just travel around. I promise you will be better! (☻-☻)

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