I hope the Youth Energy provides you with some useful volunteer information and encourage you to take action. Every little help we made, can change other’s life.

Make An Impact

Let’s talk about volunteering work in the UK and how it makes an impact on our society.

Tips & Advice

There are some tips and advice for you to better involved in volunteering as well as boost your future career.

Volunteer Opportunity

You will get a chance to find volunteering opportunities by interest, activity or location.


Make An Impact

Although the economy and Brexit have been continuing pressure on public spending creates a squeeze on charities, the volunteering work remained increased in the last three years.

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Tips & Advice

Volunteering Makes Your CV Shine

Volunteering Makes Your CV Shine

The core skills you gain form volunteering work can be a real way to boost your CV and increase your appeal to prospective employers.

How volunteer can boost your career?

There are a lot of benefits of volunteering, such as a sense of accomplishment, giving back to others, meeting new people. Volunteering can also give you a chance to build your experience and skills, and demonstrate your employability.

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Volunteer Opportunity


Getting Started With Do-it is a database of UK volunteering opportunities. There are millions of volunteering opportunities by interest, activity or location.

Help people who feel alone

Involved With British Red Cross

In British Red Cross, You can meet new people, gain new skills and help your community. Volunteering work gets you back a whole lot more than you give.


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