reusable bottle, handkerchief, tableware; bulk skin cream, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, toothpaste powder in reusable travel containers

Make zero waste convenient in Sheffield

Welcome to Zero Waste Sheffield!

If you are an international student and a zero waster, or trying to reduce daily waste in and outside the campus. This’s the very right space for you! It’s a public web to share experience and ideas about zero waste in Sheffield, aims to make zero waste more

  • convenient
  • money-saving
  • enjoyable
  • eco-friendly

Sheffield is an eco-friendly city. As a zero waster and international student, here you can find:

  • where to buy bulk stuff in and outside campus
  • how to reuse, recycle in Sheffield
  • how to practice zero waste trip in Europe
  • discussion communities
  • local second-hand sharing platforms

I hope this website can give you helpful guide and tips, to make zero waste life more convenient here.
Let’s enjoy zero waste life in Sheffield!