Reading choices for children in the digital age

- traditional reading or innovative technology -

Children’s Digital Reading Background

The application and dissemination of ICTs (Information communication technology) have promoted the development speed of screen media, and more and more children are begining to contact screen media.
According to research, the time spent by children in the United States playing mobile phones every day has risen from 5 minutes in 2011 to 50 minutes in 2019 …


The Meaning of Children reading

The wisdom of a child is at the tips of his fingers.       ——— Sukhomlynsky

Increase wisdom

Children reading books not only broaden the field of vision, but also help to explore the interests and hobbies, enrich the knowledge, upgrade the brain’s ‘operating system’…

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The shaping of values

In addition to the intellectual growth of children, there is an equally important non-intellectual growth. From the perspective of the ultimate thinking of education In…

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Self redemption and self growth

How to treat the growth trauma of the soul effectively?The most common, effective, and simple method is reading. Because any good book, often contains the beauty of …

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You might be wondering that …

The difference between paper and screen  in all levels

The primary focus of the debate between print and screen reading is the difference between print and screen media. Both of them are media carrying information, and their differences are mainly reflected in four aspects: Text properties, media characteristics, carrier information properties and interactivity…


The latest Information

The digital age is changing fast, we need to keep up with it for the sake of our children’s future.

The role of each individual in children’s digital reading — Coping strategies for children’s digital reading (Part 2)

“I’m not afraid to read too much, but I’m afraid I can’t remember.”Xu Teli A school is an important place for children to live and learn, so we should take[…]

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Paper Reading Versus Screen Reading: Which Is Better? (Part 2)

“Books are the treasure house of human thought.”Konstantin Ushinsky “Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light.”Thomas Carlyle The popularization and development of screen media have promoted[…]

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Paper Reading Versus Screen Reading: Which Is Better? (Part 1)

“A great part to the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.”Adams Franklin Reading refers to the ability to understand written[…]

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