Change is a journey

Change who you are while remaining yourself


This website has been created to help people become who they want to be. Identities develop naturally and unconsciously, however just because a process is ‘natural’ it does not mean it’s good. We often develop personality traits that harm us, they stop us from feeling happy and fulfilled. If you refuse to accept that as the outcome, you are in the right place!

Before I start explaining more things about the process, steps, feelings, thoughts, etc. that the journey of becoming yourself entails, I want to make sure people understand that this website simply provides you with some guidance. It is in no way an obligation for people to want to change.

It also doesn’t mean that just because you have the same traits that other people want to change; you should change them too. Everyone is different and that it’s the beauty of being human. Be kind to yourself, change if you want to, change if you need to, remain as you are if that is the right choice for you.

Regardless, we should all learn something very important: to love and respect ourselves. It’s not an easy task; it’s not something we achieve every day; it’s something unfortunately a lot of people never learn, but I think all we can really do is try our best.

So, hopefully, even if you don’t learn anything else from here, you’ll start recognizing your achievements, your courage, your strength, your kindness… We are all amazing in our own way, even when we feel like we should change.

All your spots and little cracks do not make you any less beautiful. I love myself! Art by Titsay