Hi! I’m Gabriela! Thanks for your visit! 

Currently, I’m doing my master’s degree in Digital Media & Society at the University of Sheffield. This website is designed for those who have friends/family diagnosed with depression but don’t know where to put themselves.

As a family member of a patient suffering from depression for more than ten years, I had witnessed how my grandpa had gone from 150 pounds to only 110 pounds, how he reduced his range of activities from the living room to only the bedroom, and how he changed from a cheerful and talkative person to a completely “stranger” being in the dumps all day long. Generally speaking, the time before the bath every night was the time when he talked most of the day. He would say, “The water is cold”, or “The change of clothes does not fit”, and he would also say, “The shower gel can’t come out.” Of course, these were all wrong perceptions in his subconscious.

Despite the drug treatment, grandpa’s depression did not get much improvement for a long time. Watching grandpa being in a state of permanent depression, it’s really heart-wrenching, meanwhile, I was confused, as I had no idea how to better help him out of his depression. So one whim night. I joined a family community of depressed patients on WeChat, where I learned a lot about depression and how to get along with depressed patients. Now, my grandpa’s situation has improved a lot. 

Since most of the extant online resources regarding depression is patient-centered, I found that many people don’t know how to deal with depressed people in reality. Therefore, I would like to share my knowledge with you here and hope it would be helpful to you.

The best medicine to cure depression is your love and inclusiveness. May your beloved one(s) recover soon and thank you for your understanding and company.😊