🌈 Website Introduction:

This website is designed and created for the public who may have interest or confusion about LGBTQ groups, but still cannot manage to understand them, especially in mainland China. As we know, governments and citizens of many western countries such as the USA and UK have a friendly and open-minded attitude towards LGBTQs. But in China, the LGBTQ topic is still regarded as taboo. People sometimes talk about it personally, but it’s never treated as a topic for public and official discussion. As time goes by, Chinese people now have access to more information and are becoming open-minded, but the mass attitude is still rather conservative. Some people, especially the older generation, still don’t understand or even have malicious thoughts about LGBTQs. 

Based on this situation, what I am trying to convey through my website is that LGBTQ people are born this way, they can’t and don’t need to change their sexual orientation, even if they don’t “fit the society” yet. Same as those with heterosexual orientation, they also have the right to love others and be with the one they love. 

🌈 My Feelings Being Bisexual: 

I was confused about my sexual orientation for more than 10 years when I was a little girl. In my living environment, boys were supposed to be with girls, vice versa. I had a sense that I was different from most people I met, but I couldn’t find the answer whether on TV nor in my textbook, and I had no one to talk with. It was until I grew up and started using the Internet to search for more information did I realize that I was bisexual. 

After realizing my sexual orientation, I developed a huge interest in LGBTQs all over the world. My aspiration is that one day, the Chinese government will allow homosexual people to be married. People can watch genuine LGBTQ movies or TV series made by Chinese directors, and LGBTQs like me would feel a sense of belonging in our own motherland. This day may still be far, but I am expecting it.

Header image of the website: Photo by Aleks Magnusson from Pexels