Create Colourful World!

— Digital Painting —


Are you feel boring during the coVID-19?
Do you miss the beautiful scenery and special food in the past?
The Coronavirus has cast a gray veil on the world, and everything has become dull.
But, Never Lose Hope!
Let’s Create a wonderful world by ourselves!

What is digital painting?

Digital painting is a part of digital art, making painting creation through computer, graphics tablet, stylus, and software. However, it is different from other digital art that does involve rendering models. The painter using a stylus and a graphic input board instead of the traditional paper and pen for artistic creation.

The software’s brushes and effects can simulate traditional painting effects, such as oil painting, acrylic painting, crayon painting, charcoal painting, and even spray paint. Simultaneously, artists can create their own unique brushes with textures and shapes to make painting easier.

Why digital painting?

Compared with traditional painting creation methods, digital painting has many advantages:

1. Environmental protection

Digital painting is a paperless painting, which will not waste paper due to changes in inspiration.

At the same time, as painting materials, graphics tablet, and stylus can be recycled. However, traditional paintings require a lot of paint.

2. Freedom

Digital painting can be created in different layers. Choose your favorite color in the palette and repeatedly modify it multiple times.

Painting is completely unaffected by time and space. You can make artistic creations anytime and anywhere without having to carry a sketchpad and heavy paint. (Ipad and other tablet  can also perform digital painting, which is more portable)

3. Simple

Digital painting is easier to learn and very friendly for novice painters. Simple doodles can also create happiness.

Let’s create a colourful world!

Créons un monde coloré!  让我们创造多彩世界!¡Creemos un mundo colorido!  
カラフルな世界を作ろう!  다채로운 세계를 만들어 봅시다!  Создадим красочный мир!
لنقم بإنشاء عالم ملون!لنقم بإنشاء عالم ملون!   Lassen Sie uns eine bunte Welt schaffen!

Let’s Learn!

In this section, you will learn about digital painting, such as the equipments , and how to use digital painting (especially during the epidemic).

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Let’s Create!

In this section, you will learn how to make the digital painting. The sections are divided into line, colour, light and shadow.

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Let’s Talk!

In this section, you can learn about some details of this website, such as author information, article source and pictures, video and music copyright,and cookie policy.

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