About Creativity for Positivity

Everyone has times where they are feeling down, anxious or stressed. For some people these feelings are more prevalent and occur due to mental health issues.

Mental Health is a serious issue in the UK, with 1 in 4 people struggling with their mental health each year.

Mental health problems account for 23 per cent of the burden of disease in the United Kingdom, but spending on mental health services consumes only 11 per cent of the NHS budget.

This provides evidence that the NHS is underfunded in the context of mental health, which makes booking appointments and getting the help individuals need even harder. The purpose of this website is NOT to discourage seeking professional help; as this should always be the first call! You can access help from the Professional Resources page.

This website is here to provide additional support and advice as to how creativity can help to boost mood and have a positive effect on mental health.

Colour Theory:

In addition, this website has been designed with the users in mind; calming, relaxing colours such as light tones of green have been used to help make the browsing experience easier on those experiencing mental health issues. Pale purple has also been used as it has been proven that this colour helps to encourage creativity. Colour theory is a great way to reinforce these positive emotions.

Furthermore, a simple minimalist design has been chosen to reduce stress and to make navigation around the site simpler.

Have a look around, get creative and busy!

About Me

I am a Masters Student at the University of Sheffield studying Digital Media and Society.

I chose to make this website as when I was in the first covid-19 UK lockdown i decided to take up embroidery as a hobby. This creative task allowed me to forget about my anxieties, to learn a new skill and create something beautiful. As a result of this I have first hand experience as to how being creative can benefit existing mental health issues.

Here is an example of the embroidery I have done! I have a wonderful feeling of pride and achievement when I finish a piece of embroidery.

I really encourage everyone to try a new skill and to put their mind to something productive and creative!