We’re guessing you’ve dropped by Your First Step because you’re thinking about getting yourself moving a little more often and are looking for ways to make that happen. So, well done for getting this far – you should feel proud of yourself!

At Your First Step we’re all about helping people work on their physical and mental health and feel a little bit more fond of their body. And we believe going for a free, simple and stress-free walk is the easiest way to start making that happen.

This website has lots of advice on why even gentle exercise is good for our bodies and our minds – and our social lives! We’re regularly updating our Walking Wisdom section with advice like how to get yourself kitted out for a walk, what snacks to take with you, how to stretch properly after a long walk, even how to get kids into walking.

Top Tip

Keep an eye out for our Top Tip boxes, with little insights to help you get out the door and into walking towards better health.

If you’d like a little guided support to take Your First Step try our One Week Walking Challenge. With a different approach to a walk each day and some fun ways to motivate yourself to walk further, it’ll help you develop a healthy and energising new habit.

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