Whatcha doin'?

Do you have Fear of Missing Out?


What is FoMO?​

Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), that is, the phenomenon of being afraid of missing new things in the social circle and eager to keep in touch with others by understanding the activities what others are doing.

Do you always feel that....

I can’t live without social networks every day. Once I’m not online for one day, I feel like I’m isolated from the world for a long time.

When at home or at work, I often want to open Ins, Facebook, Weibo or WeChat moment to see what new things happen.​

I don’t want to miss every message, I hope to reply to all in the first time.​

I often delay or interrupt the original schedule due to the use of social media platforms.​​

Are these 4 items FIT your reality?


If you fit zero or only one: 

Then congratulations, you don’t have a serious FoMO, and you are not likely to feel anxious when you have missed what your friends are doing.

If you fit more than two:

Unfortunately, you’re suffering FoMO. But don’t panic, you are not alone. FoMO has long been a common phenomenon in society.

Don't worry!

This is a website to help you figure out what is Fear of Missing Out and the degree of your own FoMO. You can also get personalize advice through simple test.