Household garbage classification is the most important part of environmental protection and is the key to restrict pollution by any waste from the people. At the same time, it tested the society whether has a highly perfect management system in the environment.

Now, of course, the people, especially the residents seldom realize these following influences while they throw away the waste without thinking. This website is aimed to tells everyone that highly efficient domestic waste classification brings us more values and we can start myself understanding these positive activities.

In the second half of 2020, my community initiated special garbage collection point. Every family has to divide the household garbage and throw it in specified time and place. As the same time, the members of the committee distributed leaflets and make posters to promote the benefits of waste separation, which made me realized that residents should need a certain time to adapt it.

I hope I can use my knowledge and ideas to help people adapt and get used to household garbage classification in my website.

Household Garbage classification place in my Residental unit (1) Left to right: recyclable, residual waste and foodwaste.
A residents throwing food waste at night in my unit. The left is harmful waste, right is food waste.