My Story

I have been living in the city centre for the past 4 years since moving to study at University. I spent 3 of them in student accommodation, missing my pets back home like crazy.

While I was in student accommodation, I volunteered at the local cat café which allowed me to get out of my tiny room, play with cats and meet new people (the former manager of the café is now my flatmate!)

When I finally moved into a privately rented flat, I adopted my first cat almost instantly and noticed a massive improvement in my mood and anxiety. Oscar loves to cuddle and knows when I need it most. He isn’t bothered if I fuss him too much on a particularly bad day and his morning cuddles in bed mean my days are already off to a good start.
(Pictured below – Oscar, a fluffy black and white tuxedo cat)

I have since adopted two more which has only benefitted me more! Lily and Tilly were adopted together from the cat café. Lily is such a little bundle of joy, always keeping me entertained and making sure I take regular breaks from work. On the other hand, there is Tilly who would rather sleep all day. She’s always down to have a nap with me.
(Pictured below: Left – Lily, a bicolour white and tabby cat. Tilly – a chunky but funky black and white cat)

All three give me so much love and are great reminders for little things like taking a break, even if they don’t know it!

I wanted to create a website that shows how cats can improve anxiety and provide comfort to people who may feel overwhelmed by the busyness of a city centre. Even as a student, there are alternatives to owning a cat and workarounds if you desperately need one to help you.

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