Cats As Therapy

How Cats Improve Anxiety

It’s no secret that pets bring their owners’ great peace and comfort. For anxiety sufferers, in particular, cats are great to have by your side to reduce your heart-rate and calm your worries.

  1. Purring
    • Cat owners have 40% less risk of a heart attack than non-cat owners and lower blood pressure after interacting with cats and hearing their soft purrs. It is what’s known as ‘healing by association.’ This is the ability to calm, soothe and sympathetically heal illnesses in people just by being nearby, and many people have said they can ease their migraines just by lying down with their purring cat next to them.
  2. Companionship
    • During times of Covid-19, the companionship of a cat can be relaxing for someone living in a city centre alone. The bond we have with our cats provide a form of friendship that makes us feel less alone. Cats are our friends who we can converse with without social anxiety. They are companions that will listen to and support us no matter what.
    • Playtime is also a great bonding experience and the activity of doing something with your cat will, again, ease the feeling of loneliness and anxiety by keeping your brain occupied.
  3. Routine
    • This is perhaps one of the best way cats help ease anxiety. From getting you up in the morning for breakfast to demanding playtime, cats have strict routines that will encourage you to do the same.

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