Anxiety Living In The City

Living in the middle of the city centre can often be overwhelming for those suffering from anxiety.

The good news is that as well as other remedies for anxiety such as a self-care, therapy, and medication, cats can be added to that list!

My cats give me a sense of responsibility and purpose when I go through phases of losing touch with reality and not wanting to be here anymore…they help me feel again.

– Taliah
Finding The Right Cat For You

Any cat can benefit your anxiety. However, indoor cats especially are particularly beneficial. Find out why and which breeds are the best to keep indoors.


Annabel has suffered from mental health issues on and off throughout her life. She has two cats, Willow and Mog who help her feel less alone and be more productive.


Still not sure if a cat is right for you?
Take a look at some adorable kitties to help make your decision easier.


This website aims to provide information for those living in the city with anxiety. More specifically, it aims to educate on how cats can benefit anxiety. Yes, even if you are in a flat in the middle of the city centre!

Whether you have grown up in a city or moved to one to study, living in the city centre can be daunting at times. Cats are proven to reduce stress and anxiety but are often overlooked by people living in the city centre as many rented properties don’t allow pets.

However, there are ways that cats can still help you and for those that are able to have pets, why you should consider adopting an indoor cat if you haven’t already.