the harmful victim-blaming -“why it just happened to you”

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what makes male “the silent victims”?

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My name is Tingfei Li and I’m an international student from the University of Sheffield. The purpose of this website is to provide help to all male victims of domestic violence.

When I first thought about this topic, it was because I happened to see a news story on Weibo about a male who had called the police for domestic abuse. And the comments under the news made me a little sad. No one was paying attention to what this man was going through, everyone was focusing on discussing feminism. The comments were cynical, many even commented that this was a backlash for women and that men should get a taste of domestic abuse too.

As a woman, I am aware that women are often at a physical and financial disadvantage in their family position. But letting others go through the pain you don’t want to go through won’t make you feel better. Subjecting innocent men to domestic violence does not change the circumstances of other female victims, and domestic violence should not be a gendered crime.

So I created this site in hopes that all men who have suffered domestic violence could realize that you are not alone. I also hope that women can truly break free from the vortex of the male-female dichotomy. As victims of domestic violence, we should work together to move forward instead of blaming each other.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this website.

All pictures from this site are from @Pexels.