let us say no to teen Cyberbullying!
How can you help kids prevent it?
How can you help kids prevent it?

How can you help kids prevent it?

What can parents do to help their children prevent cyberbullying?

  • First of all, you should properly educate your children about Internet knowledge.

You should tell your children what kind of content is sensitive and vulnerable on the Internet. Through your teaching, they should understand that they are vulnerable and targeted by the public when they engage in Internet activities. At the same time, you should teach children what is cyberbullying and its disadvantages. As a result, that they can have a deep understanding of cyberbullying. This will keep them away from the cyberbullying environment and prevent them from becoming cyberbullies.

  • You mustn’t be too indulgent in a child’s mistakes.

What is terrible is that you, as a parent, do not correct your child’s behavior when he or she makes a mistake. We can’t deny that we may all have subliminal cyberbullying behavior in our lives, let alone children? Suppose you don’t stop and correct them in time. In that case, they may be allowed to do so in their cognition(because you didn’t say “stop” to them in time!). They will repeat the same behavior with different people because they get satisfaction and pleasure from cyberbullying others.

  • You can strengthen your monitoring of your children’s Internet use.

You can add the accounts of your child’s social networks as friends so that you can regularly check whether there are cyberbullying comments or the account followers of cyberbullies in the social networks. You can try to search your child’s name or some information on the Internet, so that you can check whether your child’s private information has been leaked online. You can also help your child block objectionable or biased websites in their daily lives, where cyberbullying often occurs.

  • You can install software on your child’s phone to monitor them.

For example, you can install software for his phone. In this app, you can check how often your child uses different apps on their phone throughout the day. Of course, I don’t recommend this method, because if the child finds out that you have added this application to their phone, their trust in you may be affected.


  • Periodically check your child’s web browsing history.

This way, you can see if your child has recently visited a website with bullying content. This is not recommended, though, as it is also a severe violation of children’s privacy. But it’s a very effective way to protect your kids from cyberbullying.

  • You should be more involved in your child’s life.

Last but not least, you should spend more time with your children in your life. So they don’t feel lonely, and they will use the Internet less. You should also encourage your children to take part in offline activities to reduce their Internet use. Fewer time kids spend on the Internet means fewer opportunities for cyberbullying.

While teens can effectively prevent cyberbullying from happening to them, you, as parents, have the most essential role in the prevention phase. Every small step you take to help your child is a big step toward keeping your child away from cyberbullying!

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