let us say no to teen Cyberbullying!
How to prevent it?
How to prevent it?

How to prevent it?

You can prevent bullying before it even starts, so it maybe wou’t happen! You can do:

  • Don’t put information online that could be harmful to you.

You can share your hobbies and life on the Internet as usual, but please don’t post revealing photos or your private information. Because such information is difficult to control once it starts to circulate, cyberbullies often use pictures and personal information they find online to harass others.

  • Don’t make it too simple, or even the same, for your social networking sites or social media.

For example, you can’t use a simple password like “name + birthday” for all of your social media. Because they’re easy for cyberbullies to guess, they can log on to your social media platforms and use your tone and identity to post damaging comments about you.

  • Don’t be too mean in real life and be tolerant of others.

Because some cyberbullying is caused by other people’s dissatisfaction, and this dissatisfaction is caused by your intolerance in real life. They will choose to attack you on the Internet; they will take their anger and discontent with you in real life and dump it on the Internet. In this process, cyberbullying is likely to occur.

  • You also need to pay attention to the tone of your Internet communication.

Because communication on the Internet can not be expressed and understood as clearly as communication in real life, misunderstandings will arise. If a misunderstanding upgrades, cyberbullying can emerge from it. The best way to deal with it is to be as polite to someone you’re communicating with online as you would be to someone in person. Don’t send a message when you’re angry or emotional.

  • You can’t be the cyberbully yourself!

Last but not least, You can’t be the cyberbully yourself! The reason is that when provoked and humiliated, the people you hurt online may become cyberbullies, which in turn will hurt you. At the same time, you are not only a cyberbully but also a victim of cyberbullying.

Of course, there is no denying that not all cyberbullying can be prevented, and it won’t happen even if you do prevention work. What should you do when cyberbullying happens to you?

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