let us say no to teen Cyberbullying!
Let’s reveal the myths of Cyberbullying~
Let’s reveal the myths of Cyberbullying~

Let’s reveal the myths of Cyberbullying~

My dear friends, are you receiving malicious abuse on the Internet? Are you being threatened by others on the Internet? Are you deliberately excluded from an online conversation group? Is your identity being used fraudulently on the Internet? Are your friends and family members verbally harassed on the Internet because of you?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you are experiencing cyberbullying!

Sure, you may answer “no” to all of these questions, but that doesn’t mean cyberbullying is far away from your life. The truth is, they will be present in your life in different forms. They also include:

  • Other people will publish your personal information on the Internet. As a result, your private information (like your school, test scores, home address)be known to all. You will find that on the Internet, you become naked and unreserved.
  • Your skin color, gender, ethnicity, or religion will be abused and smeared on the Internet.
  • Your embarrassing past experiences will be exposed and spread by your friends on the Internet. They will use your awkward past experiences to smear and ridicule your character.
  • Your photos on the Internet have been altered by photo software, deliberately painted over and changed, and distributed in large numbers. Then false facts about you can be born from these doctored photos.
  • You may even be insulted and discriminated against in online games by people who have no reason to do so. And who wants to find happiness by bullying people who are weaker than them.

In short, cyberbullying is when a bully crustily harms others on the Internet in many ways. It is an extension of real-life bullying. All it takes is a device with Internet access. By pressing the “post” button, bullying can spread and develop rapidly.

If you feel that you are experiencing the same or similar behavior as described above, be sure to understand that you are a victim of cyberbullying! It can do a lot of bad things to you.

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