let us say no to teen Cyberbullying!
What should you do if that happens?
What should you do if that happens?

What should you do if that happens?

Of course, there is no denying that not all cyberbullying can be prevented, and it won’t happen even if you do prevention work. What should you do when cyberbullying happens to you?

  • You can’t blame yourself or hurt yourself in the first place!

No matter what a bully says or does to you online, don’t let it put you in an unfavorable position or doubt your own worth. Because it is not your fault, and you are not responsible for the wrong actions of others. You are unique in this world, and you are charming!

  • You could try to make the first move.

You could try to figure out the cause of the bullying and communicate directly with the cyberbullies to get them to stop. Because some bullies maybe your friends or people close to you, you could communicate with them sensibly first. Tell them that cyberbullying is affecting your life and that they should stop it immediately.

  • You don’t respond to the bully or the bullying.

You could not respond to any of the bullying’s insults and taunts, and you could block the bully from social media. Because the goal of these bullies is to provoke your reaction and interfere with your life. Your response may cause them to act even more. In addition to not making a reply, you can also choose to report the bullying behavior or bullies on social networks. This shall be a relatively direct and quick method.

  • You should preserve evidence of cyberbullying by the bully.

The evidence should include the insulting and threatening emails, texts, and instant messages they send you on social media and disseminating, and the behavior of discrediting your private information on open Internet platforms. This is to protect your rights. Otherwise, the bullies will get away with it because no one was recording what they were doing. It will also make it easier for you to file a complaint or report bullying.

  • You could change your user profiles.

You could change the privacy Settings, screen names, and authentication of your different social networking accounts. Cyberbullies sometimes will find you on other social networks by searching for your previous screen name or online credentials. And they will continue to bully you even if you have blocked the bully on another social network.

  • You should tell your parents that you are being cyberbullied or your relatives.

Because they have more social experience and voice in society than you do, they can help you deal with and eliminate cyberbullying together. You are never alone in the face of cyberbullying! If you’re afraid to tell them you’re being cyberbullied, or if you are worried that your parents or loved ones will blame you for doing something wrong and be disappointed in you. I would like to tell you once again that it is not your fault that you are cyber-bullied. Except for yourself, only your parents and loved ones don’t want you to suffer from cyberbullying! Therefore, no matter what level of cyber-bullying you are experiencing, communicating with your parents or loved ones is the most effective solution.

When it comes to cyberbullying, there may be more you can do than just the above. However, in the face of cyberbullying, please be brave, do not escape, do not fear, do not give up!

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